Friday, May 27, 2005

The Capitol 6 goes the way of its neighbors.

Well, after 84 glorious years, the Capitol 6 theatre is no more. The last reel spun last month. For better or worse, Vancouver's "theatre row" is gone.

The Capital was originally a grand single theater with over 2400 seats. Gold and velvet were everywhere. Film stars sometimes made guest appearances. An army of ushers greeted formally dressed patrons, excited about an evening out at the cinema.

As time went by, things deteriorated. The giant chandelier broke and was not replaced. The theater was subdivided. Entering from Granville Street became an unpleasant experience, with panhandlers and drug dealers everywhere. The nearby Plaza, Caprice and Paradise were converted into bars.

I really miss the old days, when theaters were special places - shrines to Hollywood. I grew up in Lethbridge Alberta. We had two theaters owned by the Shackleford family. Whenever we went to a show, one of the Shacklefords would be outside, greeting visitors and generally checking up on everything. Ah, those were good times.


Business group urges cut in B.C. sales tax
The B.C. Chamber of Commerce is calling on the provincial government to slash sales tax to 4.5 per cent in a bid to drive the economy forward and to thwart competition from Alberta.

Buono's problems just beginning
From Sunday, coach has 13 days to address pressing questions

More than a quarter of Wally Buono's 40-man roster is new, despite the Lions coach saying few changes to the team would be necessary.

Dave Dickenson and Casey Printers had just finished explaining the merits of a two-headed quarterbacking monster for the first time this season, when Wally Buono walked into the office of Lions president Bob Ackles to deliver a report on the proceedings.

"Went well," reassured the coach of the Lions to his boss. "Lots of media." The media-savvy coach runs from conflict like Donovan Bailey used to dash away from the competition, and when Printers said he wasn't yet ready to contest for the top job, the two might have thought the endless days of controversy were finally over.

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The Capitol 6 goes the way of its neighbors.
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