Thursday, June 09, 2005

Everyone's Raving About The RAV

Well, it's been decided. The Richmond - Airport - Vancouver Rapid Transit Project (RAV Project) will be constructed with the cut-and-cover method of tunneling. An underground boring technique was originally planned but it turned out to be too expensive.

A lot of business owners along the RAV route are peeved and I can't blame them. I suppose it will be a heck of a mess along Cambie Street during construction. It seems unlikely that shoppers will be attracted to a huge construction site like that.

The RAV line construction won't be fun for commuters either. Cambie Street is my favorite route to work. I'll have to use Oak or Granville during construction, along with a bjillion other people.

I'm definitely still pro-RAV though. The RAV Project is a rail-based rapid transit line will link central Richmond, the Vancouver International Airport, and Vancouver along the Cambie corridor to the emerging transportation hub at Waterfront Station. Visitors to Vancouver will now be able to get from the airport to downtown hotels without being taken on "the scenic tour" by taxi drivers. There will be fewer cars and buses going back and forth between Vancouver and Richmond. Less traffic, less smog, and less noise - sounds good to me. Bring it on!

The only thing I'd like to know is why they are using one of Vancouver's busiest and most beautiful streets instead of the Arbutus Corridor. Hello! The train tracks are already there.


Study says B.C. leads West in crystal meth use

VANCOUVER – A new study says B.C. has the highest rate of crystal methamphetamine use in Western Canada.

A report, due to be released Friday to a special meeting of provincial government ministers and U.S. representatives, shows about 190,000 people in B.C. have tried the drug in the past year.

Richmond teen who faked attack will not be charged

VANCOUVER – The 17-year-old Richmond Sikh who made up a story about being assaulted and having his hair cut off by five white men will not be charged.

Richmond RCMP said Wednesday that the youth, who cannot be named, will participate in a restorative justice program within his community. That means the youth will likely have to perform community service.

B.C. tobacco law goes on trial in Supreme Court

OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada began hearing arguments Wednesday for and against a B.C. law that could force big tobacco companies to cough up tens of billions of dollars to provincial health-care coffers.

B.C.'s Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act would allow the province to sue tobacco companies to recoup the health-care costs of treating smokers.

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Blogger ejohn said...

Hi Ken,

Re: why are they running RAV up Cambie instead of Arbutus, with it's existing rail lines and through-way...

Residents along Arbutus and the Kerrisdale area complained and lobbied hard to keep it out of their neighbourhood, saying, I think, that it would negatively affect their neighbourhood. I have heard the pro-Arbutus advocates called mocking names... It's their right to protest if they want. Perhaps with the tunnel approach, they made the right decision... Personally, if Arbutus were the best route, and they could go above-grade all the way through, that would have made the most sense to me...

In any case, I think RAV will have a positive impact on the city and a huge positive impact for commuters and tourists, but will sting a bit to taxpayers who drive around Vancouver and don't use rapid transit...

10:33 PM  

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