Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vancouver Residents Should Have Access To Vancouver Golf Courses

We went for a nice brisk walk around Vancouver's Fraserview Golf Course today. Other than the traffic noise from Marine Drive, it's a great trail around a gorgeous golf course. I especially appreciate the spongy trail surface, which helps joggers avoid shin splints. Although Fraserview is a 15 minute drive from home, we go there often.

We also frequent Langara Golf Course, which is closer to home. Like Fraserview, Langara is surrounded by a good trail that is heavily utilized by joggers and walkers. I suspect that more people at Langara use the trail than the golf course.

Then, there is McCleery Golf Course. Like Fraserview and Langara, it is owned and operated by the city of Vancouver. Unlike other city-owned golf courses, McCleery does not have a trail. In fact, people walking along the Fraser River are greeted with "Do Not Enter" signs when they get to McCleery Golf Course. It's a shame to use a valuable public asset like McCleery Golf Course for only one purpose.

I think the public should have access to public golf courses. Hopefully, someone with more spare time than me will some day establish a "Give the public access to public property" movement.

Fraserview Golf Course
7800 Vivian Drive

McCleery Golf Course
7188 MacDonald Street

Langara Golf Course
6706 Alberta Street


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