Monday, December 05, 2005

Gurmant Grewal: Gone or Regrouping?

Well, like hula hoops, pet rocks, and the Three Stooges, the Gurmant Grewal story couldn’t last forever. Citing the great taping scandal of 2005, the Conservative MP said he won't be seeking re-election.

In a letter to Stephen Harper, he said "I am writing today to advise you that I will not be a candidate for the Conservative Party in the riding of Newton-North Delta in the coming election." He went on to say "Due to certain still unresolved issues, which I believe my political opponents would use against me and our party in the coming election, I have reluctantly decided to take this course of action."

I don’t think Gurmant Grewal will be out of the game for long. His MP wife Nina is the ace up his sleeve and it’s time to reshuffle the deck. I predict that he will use Nina to continue networking while he plans a quick comeback.

It would be a real stretch to think that Gurmant and Nina maintain even the slightest degree of professional political separation. After all, they are, well, married. Gurmant has a history of publicly coaching Nina, as well as negotiating for her. Of course, he shares his ideas with her over the dinner table.

If Svend J Robinson can bounce back so quickly, Gurmant surely can, too. As Svend pointed out, the House of Commons has been a second home to a number of even more colorful characters over the years. Hurry back Gurmant. It’s already getting boring!


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