Saturday, May 21, 2005

Happy Saturday for the Liberals

Well, both the provincial and federal Liberals barely survived the workweek! Gordon Campbell's Liberal Party won the provincial election with a fairly narrow margin on Tuesday. This is the first time in 22 years that a BC premier has been reelected. I predict that they will spend the next few years improving education and health care, which are the two issues causing the most complaints from voters. If they are smart, they will do everything possible to avoid even the smallest of scandals.

My man Lorne Mayencourt managed to beat Tim Stevenson by 13 votes for Vancouver-Burrard. Thank God! At one point, the media were actually reporting that Lorne had lost.

Paul Martin's Liberal Party of Canada just barely managed to hang on to power by surviving a non-confidence vote this week. Fortunately for them, Belinda Stronach crossed the floor from the Conservative Party, in return for a cabinet post.

Also, Surrey independent MP Chuck Cadman decided literally at the last hour to vote with the Liberals. Without that one extra vote, they would have lost.

A whole lot of people lined up to watch the final episode of Star Wars. The theaters were sold out for the first viewing at 12:01 am.

Yvonne and I took a stroll around Kits Beach this morning and it was pretty quiet. Everyone must have left town for the long weekend.


PNE to get dramatic remake -

Get ready for on-site parade and a slew of new events
Pacific National Exhibition CEO Mike McDaniel says the fair will be courting young adults between 20 and 30. VANCOUVER - The Pacific National Exhibition is planning a dramatic remake of its facilities, bringing in a slew of new community events, resurrecting the PNE parade, and opening an area of the grounds that hasn't been actively used since the 1940s.

Campbell Wins 2nd Majority Government
Premier Gordon Campbell and the Liberal party of B.C. will form the next British Columbia government, but will face a much stronger opposition in Victoria this time around.

Wild-card -

Cadman rides to the rescue of the Liberals
Chuck Cadman struggled until almost the last minute before deciding to save the federal Liberal government from defeat.

Star Wars Makes Me Sleepy -

How George Lucas cured insomnia
This is not a review. As so many of you are sure to e-mail, I am unqualified to write a review of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. I cannot tell the difference between a Gungan and a Greedo, and I cannot say the name Count Dooku without laughing. Also, when I saw the movie, I periodically blacked out from boredom. For nearly 30 years, when face to face with the Star Wars franchise, I have demonstrated an unearthly capacity to leave my body and imagine a galaxy far, far away where I am entertained. Such is my own personal Star Wars tradition: some dress up; some host parties; I doze.


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