Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lazy, Hazy Sunday for Gorgeous Vancouver

One thing I love about Vancouver is the seasons. The spring and fall tend to be long and leisurely. Today, we got all four seasons in the one day. We braved the elements for a walk around Central Park and it actually turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Rain forests are always lush and fragrant but they are best experienced immediately after a good rainfall.

"We shall walk and talk in gardens all misty wet with rain, And I will never, ever, ever grow so old again" Van Morrison, 'Sweet Thing'

Although I've been seeing adorable little ducklings everywhere else, there weren't any at Central Park. I hope the park staff haven't been addling the eggs.

February and March are all about daffodils and tulips. Next, the cherry blossoms rule. Now, rhododendrons are all over. A vacant lot near our home has some huge rhodos, in full bloom. They must be 40 or 50 feet high. Whatever the weather, spring is always gorgeous in Vancouver.


Why Conservatives Should Thank Chuck Cadman
Buck stopped with Chuck

He saved them from a doomed election led by hard right Harper. For all the talk of a dysfunctional House of Commons, what has transpired over the past few weeks is precisely the opposite.

Need for speed quenched at airport
It's not every day you get to see '68 Mustang destroy a police cruiser in a high-speed drag race. But that was exactly the scene yesterday as the local racing community teamed up with the RCMP to start to put the brakes on a deadly and persistent problem: illegal street racing.
With the thick smell of burnt rubber and gasoline hanging in the air, some 100 speed freaks turned out at the Boundary Bay air strip near Delta.

Handlers threaten strike at Vancouver airport
The 265 unionized workers responsible for everything from emergency response to baggage handling at the Vancouver airport have voted 78 per cent in favour of a strike.

Be careful with fires, warn forestry officials
Officials at B.C. Forests are reminding people to be careful with fires as the camping season begins this long weekend. While there have been no major fires around the province so far this year, the forests are dry due to the early spring.

Schedule kinder to 'Caps
home instinct: Results now will ease pressure on road later

The Vancouver Whitecaps are getting to see how the other half of back-to-back games live.
Six of 14 Whitecaps home tilts this year, including tonight's match-up against the Atlanta Silverbacks, feature the Whitecaps facing a club that played at the Seattle Sounders or Portland Timbers the evening before. Another two teams come to Vancouver two nights after playing in Seattle.

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