Monday, June 06, 2005

Vancouver - Funnest City on English Bay

It's true that we don't have as many summer diversions these days. The Great Canadian Open Sandcastle Competition in White Rock was a victim of its own success. Large crowds and rising police costs resulted in its cancellation. Ditto for the Great International World Championship Bathtub race, which now ends in Nanaimo instead of Vancouver.

The Indy 500 ran out of gas, the Grizzlies migrated to Nashville, and the Canucks went golfing. Even Canada Day was cancelled. Last year, the only July 1st fireworks were at the Canadians game.

With our terrific summers, though, do we really need organized events? Who has the time? There is a ton of stuff to do on our own in Vancouver and some of the best activities are free.

Anyway, there are still some events for those who can drag themselves away form the beaches and golf courses this summer. Here are a few:

Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
Dates: June 17, 18, 19

Bard on the Beach 2005
Dates: June 2 to September 25

Senses (Song and Dance Concert)
Dates: May 13 - Jun 22

Vancouver International Jazz Festival
Dates: June 24 to July 3

Sea Vancouver (Featuring the Tall Ships)
July 6-10, 2005.

Festival Vancouver 2005
Dates: August 1 to 14

HSBC Celebration of Light (Fireworks)
Dates: Jul 27 & 30, August 3 & 6

28th Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Dates: Jul 15 - Jul 17


Calls for charges against Richmond teen who alleged attack

VANCOUVER – Some members of the Sikh community in British Columbia want to see
charges laid against a 17-year-old Sikh youth who said five white men jumped him, ripped
off his turban and cut off his hair two weeks ago.

They say hate crimes are a serious matter, and incidents such as this could diminish the
response to real hate crimes against Sikhs.

Grewal takes stress leave

The Tory MP at the centre of a taping scandal is taking a stress leave after Air Canada launched an investigation of an incident at the Vancouver airport.

An anxious Gurmant Grewal was seen asking several passengers if they could carry an important package for him to Ottawa.

Conservative sources said Monday that Grewal was scrambling to send them full copies of the tapes that triggered a political controversy.