Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vancouver Police Department - Nurturing a Culture of Corruption

The Vancouver Police Department is sparring with the BC Police Complaint Commissioner and we are footing the bill.

The RCMP conducted an investigation of the Vancouver Police Department after several complaints were filed by the Pivot Legal Society. Dirk Ryneveld Police Complaint Commissioner asked Vancouver's Police Chief Jamie Graham not to get involved in the investigation. This would seem to be a must, since it was Grahams’ department being investigated.

Instead of facilitating the investigation, like a professional civil servant should, Graham and his subordinates resisted almost every step of the way. It wasn’t enough, however, to deride the investigation and refuse to cooperate. Graham actually had the nerve to conduct his own so-called investigation. The only purpose of this investigation seems to have been to defend the Vancouver Police Department from the findings of the Police Complaint Commissioner’s investigation.

Here’s the kicker. Graham’s "counter-investigation" cost approximately $200,000. Could this be one reason the Vancouver Police Department is the city’s highest spending department? Could this sort of thing that contributes to the Vancouver Police Department’s reoccurring budget overruns?

Jamie Graham is not being paid to defend a few undisciplined police officers who behave like thugs. His job is to manage an efficient police department staffed by honest cops who behave in a professional manner. If he spent more of his time doing that, investigations would not be necessary.


Mediator Appointed in Trucker Dispute
Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon has appointed a facilitator in a strike by Lower Mainland dump truck drivers, and is urging the drivers to go back to work.