Thursday, June 30, 2005

Warriors Want Rifles Back

According to the Vancouver Sun, the RCMP's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team seized 14 Norinco M305 rifles and 10,400 rounds of ammunition from a van occupied by members of an aboriginal warrior society today. The "dramatic police takedown" happened right on the Burrard Street bridge.

The self-described "warriors" said they've been unfairly targeted by police, who have incorrectly labelled them "radicals" and "extremists". The Sun quoted warrior David Dennis as saying "[The RCMP] want to undermine our credibility and create an image in the minds of the public that we are gangsters."

Well, let's take a look at the weapon. The Norinco M305 is a cheap Chinese-made M14 clone. It's a semi-automatic sniper rifle with detachable magazine. Anyone capable of changing magazines efficiently can "throw a lot of brass." Although the M305 is revered by hard-core gun enthusiasts, some think it causes its owners to adopt a lazy "spray and pray" mentality. That's why the warriors had over 10,000 rounds of ammunition for 14 rifles.

Norinco, the company that manufactures the M305, also produces anti-missile systems, tanks, and night vision gear. The Bush administration has banned the importation of all Norinco products into the US. The Norinco M305 might sometimes be used by hunters but it was designed to kill people.

Thank God the cops confiscated these weapons. I hope they don't ever give them back!