Saturday, December 17, 2005

Vancouver Council Meetings to Get Serious

Although Sam Sullivan wasn't my first choice for mayor, I must admit that he has been displaying some common sense lately. His recent suggestion that live entertainment at Vancouver city council meetings be discontinued was a breath of fresh air.

In a recent interview with the Vancouver Courier, he said, "It's my intention to recommend to the council that we not continue with that particular program. I would like to have the cultural affairs department [at city hall] make some recommendations on how we might best utilize those funds."

Good idea Sam. I don't know why no one else had the nerve to state the obvious until now. Council meetings are already slow and unfocused enough. They don't need scheduled distractions.

The city should support the Vancouver arts community however possible. Barber shop quartets and stand-up comics in council chambers, however, just aren't appropriate.


Games funds slow to arrive
Organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics were forced to take out a $5-million line of credit this year because the federal government did not contribute enough to cover venue construction costs.

Heart surgery at St. Paul's a world's first
VANCOUVER A scar barely 10 centimetres long, about the width of a hand, marks Katalen Pataky's chest. Although it remains unseen, it reveals a secret -- that Pataky underwent groundbreaking heart surgery just seven weeks ago.

Mayor hands out kudos in wake of lowest crime rate in Greater Vancouver
Mayor Lois Jackson credits individual police officers and senior staff members for Delta recording the lowest crime rate in Greater Vancouver. The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics released a report, Police Resources in Canada, 2005, Thursday which put Delta at the head of the class.

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