Monday, January 02, 2006

Haiku to a Naked Vancouver Polar Bear

Old man swimming nude
Out to sea and back again
Live for the moment

Hey, what’s with the unclad old-timer at the Polar Bear Swim? Has he no shame? With my wife and son, I watched a naked 60-something guy run into Vancouver’s English Bay and enthusiastically do about 50 breath strokes, before returning to terra firma and posing, in all his glory, for numerous photos.

He’s nuts.

He knows how to celebrate life, and doesn’t give a darn what anyone thinks.

In any event, I wish I were a little more like him - not much, just a little.

I'm pleased to report that our dog Shasta jumped in and was rightly awarded a Polar Bear pin.


Flying patio umbrella leaves windy West End in the dark

Vancouver -- Wild winds wreaked havoc on Vancouver Island and the South Coast yesterday as an intense low-pressure system moved across the province. In Vancouver's West End, a flying patio umbrella caused a power outage that affected an estimated 7,500 residents yesterday morning.

Test for sliding Canucks

ST. LOUIS -- The Blues should be the perfect holiday-hangover tonic for the Canucks.

The once-proud St. Louis franchise owns the worst record in the league, with just nine wins. And at the Savvis Centre, which draws about one-third-of-capacity crowds these days, the Blues are a miserable 4-12-3.

Overall, they've given up 46 more goals than they've scored. So, the Canucks should be licking their chops. Except the shame-faced Canucks enter tonight's game holding their heads no higher than any of the Blues.


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